We are accepting applications for the June MMB Accelerator Program!

This is an intense 30 day program designed to take you from the rank of AMB to MMB in your business. There is no cost for the program, however, only a select few will be chosen. There are ONLY 7 spots available and you are required to fill out the application to be considered. Applicants with the strongest qualifications will be chosen. Attendance to ALL team calls are required to keep your spot in the program and they are TBA.

Please fill out the application below entirely. Cutoff date and time for applications is Sunday May 27 @ 11:59pm EST.

Participants will be announced very early June.

To be accepted into the MMB Accelerator program, we will be looking at your performance in the final week of May to determine how "all in" you are. How hungry for success are you? How often have you been going live? How many VIPs and MPs have you enrolled? We are looking for those who are ALL IN and on fire to grow this business.

If you are not currently at the rank of MMP/AMB, we suggest you submit an application anyway, and then commit to the final week of the month of May to earn your slot in the program.

*If you were in a previous MMB Accelerator Program you are required to fill out the application below for re-entry.

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What percentage of your time and energy is focused on Monat? *
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