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"Before working with Kate and Judy, I was so eager to get my business going, but I felt stuck and lost. I was not in a good place. I had just gotten certified as a life coach and there were so many moving parts I just didn't know where to start first. I had never been so overwhelmed that it paralyzed me, I just couldn't move forward. I was stuck in doubt and struggled with my own fears of starting a biz and becoming an entrepreneur! Discovering the wonderful Moon Women has been such tremendous support for me as a new coach.

Within days of my first Coaching Session with Kate and Judy, the fog lifted, and I was able un-bury myself from the overwhelm, AND I booked my first client!! PAY IN FULL! Within two more weeks, I booked 2 more clients! Investing in myself with these Powerhouse Women is the best gift I could’ve ever given myself. I am so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to work with Kate & Judy!"



"Before working with Kate and Judy, I had ZERO clients and $46 in my business bank account. Because of this, I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and paralyzed with fear about how to create the business of my dreams and create a life I loved living. After working with Kate and Judy, I now have a steady stream of clients and thousands of dollars in my bank account. I have just booked my first speaking engagement and the client referrals keep rolling in! 

I know this is just the beginning and the sky is the limit. Kate and Judy helped me to fully embrace this idea and their program was exactly what I needed to build my confidence and trust in myself. 

I would recommend Kate and Judy to anyone who is held captive in the land of overwhelm and fear, but who is desperate to manifest their dreams into reality. Investing in a program with Kate and Judy will unleash the unlimited potential that resides deep within you. In the process, you will discover YOU and remain committed to moving through the world with confidence, grace and a fierce passion for what you do."


"I was in this strange place where things were working in my business but I wasn’t excited about them, and then they started to dwindle, of course because the passion wasn’t there. When I talked to Kate and Judy, I just felt like something was off and it wasn’t anything wrong with my funnel, because it was the same funnel that just months before was bringing in all kinds of clients.

Even when I got a new client, I wasn’t jumping for joy or as excited as I once was and I felt lost in the direction to take my business that would make it feel fun and like I wanted to work on it all day long. What I discovered working with Kate and Judy was that I wasn’t lined up with my desires. You’d think it would be so simple, do what you love to do, but in all of the structures and pieces that go together in creating an online business, I had lost what really drove me and fell back into my story of having to be practical and work hard for money. Even though I had been in business for a year, I realized how critical it is to line up with your truest desires and be really consistent with your wealth consciousness work in order to go to the next level.

After working with these beautiful ladies I had instant results. They helped me to shift my perspective, see the smallest actions that would make me excited and pumped up about my business. After I talked with them in this specific session, I reached out to a holistic health website I adore and submitted an article and was notified the very next day that my story would be published, and out of nowhere had a discovery call booked for my high end program. It was like magic - when you know what you want and set up your mindset to lead you to your goals, nothing has to take very long!"


"Before I worked with Kate and Judy. I was struggling pretty badly with my marriage, my job, and I had very little confidence with my coaching business.  I didn't think I was capable of helping others to change their lives and I was very critical of myself.

I hadn't earned more than $300 in one month from my business. I was pretty unhappy in my marriage and I was seriously contemplating being done with my marriage because we were at each other’s throats most of the time. Because of this, I felt sad, depressed, disheartened, discouraged, and was full of doubt about anything actually changing. I had no belief in my abilities to be able to change anything.

After working with Kate and Judy, I have found more confidence in my abilities as a coach, I have made a lot more than $300 in a month, and my marriage is on the mend as I've learned to change my internal patterns that contributed to the mess.

Now, I feel happy, confident in myself, joyful, and excited about creating new programs that are in harmony with my authentic self, and my life is so much more fulfilled than it every has before. I would recommend Kate and Judy to anyone who is looking for some heart-centered support around getting through your blocks and struggles so you can soar up to your next level of success!"


"If you are looking to live a life you love, build a business that reflects your values and beliefs, and get on a faster track there, Judy and Kate Moon are your ticket! I am learning to dig down and take risks I have long endeavoured to take. I have greater clarity and direction regarding my strengths and talents, as well as my “unique brand of brilliance."


"Without coaching with Judy and Kate, I would not be where I am today. Two years ago, I was in the midst of a life crisis. I had lost my job, my health, and I almost lost my husband. I had lost hope, which was very new and unlike me.

Now, two years later, I am a yoga therapist and a health coach, and my marriage is better than ever. It was not a miracle. I had to become aware of my old patterns of thinking and beliefs, and with their support, I learned how to create new beliefs that support who I really am and all the great things that I am up to in the world.

I am the happiest that I have ever been and I know this was the best investment of my life."


"Coaching with Kate and Judy has been so valuable for me personally as a woman, and for all of us women collectively to take a stand as Queens in our own lives. This is so much about living my life truly as a woman and celebrating and honouring that woman, that feminine part of who I am."


"Before working with Kate and Judy, my life was okay (not bad but certainly not great). I woke up in the morning and went through the motions of the day. I was wandering aimlessly doing what I thought I needed to do to move my life and my coaching business forward, but I wasn’t making much traction (or impact). Each thing I tried to do to get ahead proved to be difficult and costly. I took course after course, program after program, hoping to find the “one” that would catapult me into success in my life and in my business. Unfortunately, nothing I did helped.

Because of this, I felt frustrated, like a failure, like others seemed to be successful, but I just didn’t have what it takes. I was unhappy and not moving forward and felt like it was just my destiny in this life to never quite get there. After all, this is the way it had always been. I felt scared, alone, and disempowered. I didn’t want to go back to a 9-5 job in a bureaucratic organization but felt it was probably my only option since I was not making it as an entrepreneur.

After working with Kate and Judy, I began uncovering all the blocks that had kept me stuck for all these years. Kate and Judy persistently yet lovingly helped me transform my limiting beliefs about myself (and there were many), my dysfunctional patterns of relating to others, and my consciousness of lack. In addition, they helped me with all the practical aspects of running my business.

Now I feel like a completely different woman. I am empowered, have a new self-confidence that was never-before present, and a strong sense of clarity about my message and who I’ve come here to serve. I’ve moved beyond the fears that have kept me stuck and am going forward powerfully and purposefully for the first time in my life. Watch out world, here I come!

Kate and Judy are two of the most real and genuine people I know. I would recommend them to any woman who knows she is meant for more – more success, more love, more meaning, more purpose – in her life! For any woman who has tried to do it on her own and needs support, Kate and Judy have been where you are and can help you achieve your desires and catapult your life and your business forward. And they will love you through it all!



“Kate and Judy are brilliant at helping me recognize my own genius. Kate and Judy truly care about me and what’s important to me, and point out to me my unique gifts, which is refreshing and honest. No BS here. I am seen as an individual and Kate and Judy are brilliant at helping me recognize my own genius. They honor my strengths when sometimes I cannot. They are real, positive, and knowing – with a fabulous sense of humor. Their beauty resonates powerfully within and shines out and benefits everyone who works with them. I feel supported with them walking compassionately with me on my path, knowing I will have the clarity for my next steps and the support I need to be successful. I love them both as their own unique selves and the power that they bring as a team.

Gretchen Schoenstein
Speaker, Certified Coach, & Non-Profits Consultant
Sonoma, CA

In the first 48 hours after enrolling in Kate and Judy’s program, I booked a new coaching client that was completely in-line with my Target Market, for the first time! Hallelujah!”

Jen Anthill
Massage Therapist & Woman’s Health Coach
Santa Fe, NM

“I know with all the conviction in my bones that I would not be the person I am today without their support and expertise as coaches.

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I am the first person to admit that taking that first step can be completely terrifying. That’s how it was for me. When I met Kate and Judy, I felt completely stuck. I was approaching the end of a difficult marriage, and the issues in that relationship were impeding my ability to move forward with my health coaching business I so deeply wanted to build.

Kate and Judy were my guides who showed up at the right time in my life. At that point in my life, it was difficult to even imagine living a life that I would love.

I clung to their program like a life-raft. I have new tools that support me in taking the next steps towards my vision, and I have the support of their community to help me to apply those tools. They helped me keep the faith. Investing in their program was an important moment of declaration for me. Stepping into my power shifted the energy that carried me to where I am today. I would not be where I am now without that initial investment.

My personal transformation has been bigger than ending a relationship and building a business – it’s been a spiritual evolution. I know with all the conviction in my bones that I would not be the person I am today without their support and expertise as coaches.”

Lisa Bradley
Fitness & Health Coach
Cincinnati, OH

“Judy and Kate have helped open my mind to the possibilities available to me, and with their guidance and support, I am becoming the person I want to be. When I first met Judy and Kate, I was stressed and frustrated. I wanted a change in my life, but felt trapped in my current circumstances. Judy and Kate have helped open my mind to the possibilities available to me, and with their guidance and support I am becoming the person I want to be. I’ve learned to focus on the goals and vision I have, and have faith that with each level of growth more possibilities will be revealed.”


“When I met my wonderful coaches one year ago, my spirit was nearly broken after several years of difficulty and great loss. I was heartbroken, unhappy in my living situation, and struggling in my business. I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately I met Judy and Kate Moon, and embarked on personal odyssey I could never have expected.

Within 6 months, in what some would describe as miracles, my perfect new home (which checked all my boxes) fell into my lap. Four months later, an incredible job opportunity came to me. I’m now working toward a full healing of my heart. With their help, I know I will manifest my healing rapidly, with ease and joy. 

What’s the secret? It’s a matter of having the knowledge that we all have access to a field of possibilities that our “reality” may not presently reflect.  And perhaps most importantly, it’s a matter of having ongoing support from a coach who is well-versed in this knowledge and its accompanying toolbox…one who can help us stay connected to our strength when our “normal” response would be fall away.  For me, that coach was my head coach, Judy.

Working with Judy and Kate has been the best investment I have ever made.  Thank you Judy & Kate.”

Women’s Empowerment Educator
Los Angeles CA


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